Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The work continues and it's still fun

I am still building, just slowed down by Christmas, New Years and the Flu!!
cedar strips laid out in order that they will go on the kayak

shear strips and king planks in white cedar have been attached with small brads and finishing nails.  Need to predirll holes to avoid spitting the strips.
 fitting the king plank(center strip)
plastic wrap used to catch some of the excess glue

Stern  and shear strips are white cedar and next strips are dark red cedar for higher contrast.
Clamps and homemade plywood jigs hold strips without nails or brads
Each strip is sawn, carved with a utility knife, and sanded to shape
Glued strips and clamp holding jig that holds strip tightly while glue dries
Tools used to cut, shape, and hold strips
The deck is almost ready to glass and epoxy.
I now have 48 hours of work on the kayak.  I was slowed down over the holidays, not only by family activities but also the flu bug that kept me out of the shop for a week.  The cold has also slowed down the build.  I hope to have the deck ready for epoxy work in a week and then it will depend on the weather.  My "shop" can only get to 50 degrees with the outside temp ranging from 10 degrees at night and  25 degrees during the day.